Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Mommies, how do you deal when your baby is at the stage when all they want is to see you, and you can't leave them alone for a second without them screaming?I try to give her lots of things to entertain her, but she just freaks out, I try to change her environment periodically, but I can't be constantly doing that... I am at a loss... and not getting much done!

I have tried leaving her to cry it out, and come when she calms down, that doesn't work so well, she just seems to scream harder and longer.

If I am sitting right next to her, she is happy, for a while sometimes, if I am holding her she is fine usually. If I walk out of her sight, she freaks.

I really don't know how single parents' do it... I am soooooo glad some nights when Kyle comes home so he can take her and I can get a break from all the fussing!

Speaking of, the light of my life has woken from her nap and is crying in the next room, so I will go and get her now.

PS. She was up and crying pretty much alllllll last night, I think Kyle and I got 3-4 hours of sleep, which is weird for her, because she has been sleeping through the night consistently for a few weeks now... girlfriend would not sleep! She wasn't hurt, hungry, stuck, etc. Finally we just had to let her cry until she conked out, and then she slept like a dream!

PPS. Because she is normally a sweetheart and a joy.
See below....


Shauna Talamantez said...

I know it could be early, but could she be teething? I know that Nico was always so happy, but he got really fussy for about 6 weeks and then all of a sudden he had teeth and was back to his happy little self!

Kristen Borland said...

Yes, they each had a clingy stage, at all different times and to different degrees. But, it is always temporary. I think Lola was the worse out of our three, crying when I'd leave the room. But they all had the stage around 9 months of not wanting to be left in the nursery or with a sitter. As with every new quirk a baby develops, just keep telling yourself, "It's just a stage. It's just a stage. It's just a stage." You will all get through it. :)

sandovalita said...

happens to the best of mama's! its just a stage! before you know it...this will just be a memory! she will grow out of the clingy-ness once she starts to play a little more on her own I bet! all the best!