Saturday, January 30, 2010

For The Best Part of My Day

This girl is amazing! I love her voice and can't wait for her to get a CD out! I would buy it in a heartbeat!

I love you Babe!

Friday, January 29, 2010

At least I will be well rested?

So I am now on bed rest... Full and complete, only a five minute shower a day, you really shouldn't be getting up for anything except to pee bed rest.

I am not really sick or anything but my blood pressure has just been higher than what the doc wants (but not that high) so it is preventive bed rest, but most likely until she is born :( but I feel fine... And!!! my blood pressure is fine when I am at home, it is just when I go into the doctors office that I get nervous and it goes up! grrr.

to go to
the doctor's twice a week
for check-ups


the hospital once a week
for monitoring for a couple hours!
The labor and delivery nurses are going to know me real well before this little girl comes out!

Currently (if you look at my sidebar widget pregnancy counter thingy) we are at 33 weeks. The doctor warned us that we might have to get her out of there sooner than her due date if things don't clear up, so I am just hoping and praying that everything will be fine (it was for the monitoring at the hospital today, go me!) and that we can at least make it to 37 weeks (the end of Feb) so that she is considered full term and won't have to go to the NICU.

Pray that we can figure out a schedule, Kyle is going to try working from home so he can be here to help me. He is also going to have to take care of all the housework and errands since I am not allowed to do any of it. Also that I will be able to be "good" and stay in bed and let others do things for me. That baby and I will stay healthy and that I can carry her to full term. We are trying to figure out all that we will need, help-wise and baby preparedness-wise so we can get help from friends.

I know God has a reason behind all of this, and I am trying to look for that. I think I have found a few... I really need to learn to let go and let others take care of things, and not try to take it all on myself to do. I need to lean on God for my strength. I need to remember that he will never give me more than I can handle. That's what I have so far, and I am sure much more will come out of this as the weeks go by...


Going to the Doctor's this morning to hear results...

Hopefully my BP is low enough that I get taken off of house arrest. It's been looking pretty good the last few days, at least in my untrained eyes.

Hopefully too, they have the results of my 3 hr(ugh!) glucose test from yesterday and all the results are normal so I don't have to see the dietitian.

I have this itching feeling in the back of my mind that all is not going to fall in place how I want, but maybe that is just my pessimist side trying to get me to not be so disappointed if everything falls to pieces...

...Update later today hopefully...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

House arrest

That is what I am on this week. It kind of sucks.

At my last OB check I had gained 12lbs in the one month since I had been in (it really doesn't feel like it) but I was swollen too, so they think it might be some water weight too. I passed protein (or glucose? don't remember which) in my urine sample; I hate those! and my blood pressure was a little high.

So what do they do? Put me on house arrest...

I am not even allowed to go for a walk!!!!!!

and they really don't want me going out shopping or anything, so Kyle gets to do that when he isn't at work, poor man.

They are basically monitoring me to see if I am heading towards Pre-eclampsia (which is no bueno for me or the baby and I would rather they catch it early, but it is just such a pain!), so I get to take my blood pressure 4 times a day and will go to see the doctor again on Friday to assess where I am at.

I am really hoping and praying that they don't put me on bed rest!! I don't think I could handle 2 months of that! it's hard enough being stuck at home, but being stuck sitting/reclining allllllllllll day long?!?! ugh.

That and I feel like there is just so much to do still before she comes! I just got a bunch of supplies so that I could work on nursery stuff, and now I might not be able to do any of it. I know it doesn't matter if the nursery isn't all together, and baby doesn't care or notice, but I really wanted things together before she came so that I wouldn't have to think about it after... *sigh*

Oh yeah, I also "get" to take another 3 hour glucose test... blech!! The last one they had me do (right after Christmas) had one abnormal reading, so they wanted me to wait a month (because they thought the holidays might have affected it) and then do another one to see how it panned out. That is on Thursday. If there are any abnormal readings on it, then they send me to a gestational diabetes counselor/dietitian to see if I do have GD or if I just need to be monitoring what foods I eat. Pray for normal readings!

Sorry for the grumpy downer of a post. Just wanted to let you all know what was going on..

On a more positive note!

We went to have a very detailed ultrasound to scan for any clefts in Baby Girl since I have a family history; my sister had a cleft lip and I had a cleft lip and palate. Her scans were all clear and she looked very healthy!

Also, I have just started being able to see my belly move when she kicks! Really cool and really creepy all at the same time! I was telling Kyle last night that I feel like an alien is going to pop out of my stomach and grab at us!!!!

So that is what is going on in Haughey Baby land. Updates to follow, hopefully with good news!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Lisa Leonard giveaway!

Lisa is giving away another one of her gorgeous necklaces! This is the newest design that she has unveiled! Go check it out and enter to win!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

SLO bound!!!

Going to be in SLO next week!!!! Kyle has been asked to work the job fair at CP again for Apple and so we are headed down for a whirlwind trip! We will leave here Wednesday after work and be there until Thursday Afternoon sometime! I would love to see any and all of you if I can! I will be free all Thursday AM while Kyle is recruiting his heart out! I know a lot of you will probably be at Bible study at Grace, but maybe I can sit in the back or something, or you could ditch with me and we could go on a great adventure to Avila or somewhere! Don't worry, Jesus will still love you! ^_^ If you are free or want to hang out, let me know!!!! I am so stoked! eeee! I have missed you SLO-town!

PS. we had a scare there for a minute! I check the calendar after Kyle had agreed to everything, and I am all pumped to go, and lo and behold there is my OB appointment staring me in the face! On Thursday AM!!! NOOOOOOOO! one quick call later and we are rescheduled and set to go! yippee!

Monday, January 11, 2010


...Thy name is Carrie.

So, yesterday while getting ready for church I am blow-drying my hair and looking at myself straight on in the bathroom mirror and I realize...

...wait for it...



Yup, that's right folks! Despite my burgeoning baby belly, I still got my curves in the right spots! Just don't look at me from the side, or you will see all the junk I got in my trunk!

It made me feel so good about myself yesterday.

It really is the little things, right?

Now it is time for this curvy mama to do the laundry. yay?

PS. What do you all wash your baby's clothes in? Do you have a special detergent? I have received a bunch of (ADORABLE!!!!!) hand-me-down baby clothes from a friend and want to wash them before I put them away. I am sure they are already clean, but I like to have stuff washed in my soaps before I use them if they are given to me.... Mostly because I use unscented soaps, my mom always did and I like that my clothes don't smell like other stuff.

I used Trader Joes Plant based Laundry Detergent, unscented, and OxiClean... I know the OxiClean should be good, because the makers of the diapers I registered for (Fuzzi Bunz) recommends using it to clean the diapers thoroughly, but I am not sure about the TJ's soap... I think it will be okay because it is plant based and unscented. Thoughts? I know Dreft is really recommended for baby's sensitive skin, but if there are no scents or anything else, you should be okay, right?

Saturday, January 9, 2010

So not ready!

30 weeks preggo this week...

10 weeks left to go (give or take, I still don't buy the OB's due date, but will continue to go by that for continuity's sake).

The nursery is nowhere near ready. At least all the random boxes are slowly being cleaned out of there!

We only just finished (and started) registering this week. I think we have registered for everything that we need. Only just decided on a crib today, after much deliberation, that was the hardest thing I think!!!

I think I am finally starting to really get a vision for what I want this nursery to look like, (Jeannett's girl's room was very helpful with that!) now I just need to hunker down and get going on it! I haven't liked any of the bedding sets that I have seen, so that means going to the fabric store and picking stuff for the bumper, bed/crib skirt and curtains! and then making them! For those of you who have made them, did you make the bumper and skirt from scratch or build on to/cover existing ones (specifically the bumper)? I think I can manage the skirt, and I KNOW I can do curtains! Does anyone know where I can get a cute smallish chandelier for cheap? I so want to hang one in the nursery!

Realizing that I need to paint the furniture that we already have, rocker, ottoman, dresser, nightstand... oh, just realized I should make a slip cover for the rocker and ottoman cushions... The cradle will be fine, as it will live in our room for the most part... Plus, I don't know how my parent's will feel about me painting it, since it is theirs and my dad and grandpa stained it...

I also haven't had any showers yet... my sister is planning one, but we are trying to figure out if my parent's church (the one I grew up in, seriously, since I was 3 months old and until I moved to SLO for school) will be throwing me one, and if the church we are attending now will be throwing me one, because if not, the guest list is HUGE!!!! and I have pared it down as much as I can! But at this rate it's not going to be thrown until the end of February and that is pushing it really close to D-Day... Makes me nervous. Don't people usually approach the expectant mom and offer and try to set these up early on? I don't know the protocol for baby showers... I had three bridal showers and they all just kind of happened.

Okay, that's enough of my ramblings for now... If you are still reading this, you are a saint!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Love Languages

I was reading this post by Sarah Markley this morning and it got me thinking... It was really apropos because I had just been mulling over similar thoughts earlier this morning. So I left a comment letting her know my thoughts, and by the time I was done I realized I had a whole blog post! wheee! I love copy/paste...

Read her post first, then come back and read my comment on it...
or you can find my comment at the end of her post. Your choice!

I was totally just thinking about the same thing as I was driving my husband to work this morning! I over slept and so by the time I got up, I had to leave right away to take him to work, no time for breakfast or a shower first, no time to really wake up and get in my groove. I hate when that happens, because then my morning gets thrown off and subsequently it feel like the rest of my day does too! My husband is such a gentle loving spirit, and often times he just wants to hold me and say hi, good morning, I have missed you, etc... Just for a couple of minutes, and I let my mind get focused on what needs to be done and just want to go go go that I pull away from him and don't take a minute to love him back how he wants to be loved and show me love. To just be still. I do it with the cat too... :) He pulled me in this morning as I am focused on getting out the door, because he has to get to work! I was moving and not paying attention to the fact that I could take a few seconds to really say good morning and he accidentally stepped on my bare toes, not too hard, but I acted as if it was, and I let it make me grumpy, and pulled away from him and finished getting ready so we could leave NOW! You know, because we had to. We are expecting our first baby in March and I was realizing as I was driving that I could end up doing that to her too. To let my needs and the list of things that I think are important get in the way of just being, and loving on her when she needs it, to take a minute and not get the dishes done, or not have to finish watching a TV show because it is SO important that I know how it ends, but just play and snuggle and love, and get things done later. I need to get that mindset now, for my husband, for my marriage, for my baby girl, and even for the cat.
PS. My love language is Things/gifts. Bought things, given things, special just because things that you have put a lot of thought into just for me...