Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Mommies, how do you deal when your baby is at the stage when all they want is to see you, and you can't leave them alone for a second without them screaming?I try to give her lots of things to entertain her, but she just freaks out, I try to change her environment periodically, but I can't be constantly doing that... I am at a loss... and not getting much done!

I have tried leaving her to cry it out, and come when she calms down, that doesn't work so well, she just seems to scream harder and longer.

If I am sitting right next to her, she is happy, for a while sometimes, if I am holding her she is fine usually. If I walk out of her sight, she freaks.

I really don't know how single parents' do it... I am soooooo glad some nights when Kyle comes home so he can take her and I can get a break from all the fussing!

Speaking of, the light of my life has woken from her nap and is crying in the next room, so I will go and get her now.

PS. She was up and crying pretty much alllllll last night, I think Kyle and I got 3-4 hours of sleep, which is weird for her, because she has been sleeping through the night consistently for a few weeks now... girlfriend would not sleep! She wasn't hurt, hungry, stuck, etc. Finally we just had to let her cry until she conked out, and then she slept like a dream!

PPS. Because she is normally a sweetheart and a joy.
See below....

Monday, July 5, 2010

Miss America

I don't know why these loaded in sideways... argh, just tilt your head to the left and they will look right...

Here is Evelyn's Fourth of July outfit, my mom bought it for one of the baby showers, SO cute!!!!
I added the bow...

This is her glamor shot. Yes, I'm fabulous, who wants to know?

Mom, are you really taking my picture during church?
Why yes I am. I don't want to risk losing your good attitude before I can get a cute picture of you, and you are playing so happily!

Oh.My.Gosh. The bow. The bow just completes the outfit! I love it. It's darling. I may make her wear one so cute!

The heat makes her so sleepy! luckily it means good naps though!

God's proof that I NEED. yes need. a fancy shmancy DSLR. my point and shoot's shutter speed is for the birds. Anyone want to buy me one?

We went to church in the morning, had a potluck afterward, went home and tried to cool off. Went to Kyle's parent's for a dinner barbecue. Left the camera at home next to the couch after I took her sleeping picture, so there are no pictures from the rest of the day. bummer!!! Well, my mom took a couple pictures, so maybe I can get them from her... Walked to a local park where we could watch the fireworks going off. Evelyn slept through the whole show, only slightly starting when a few of the big ones went off all right in a row, but never waking up, yay! Kyle was convinced it was a bad idea to take her to the actual location where they were shooting off the fireworks, instead of watching from a distance where we couldn't really hear them. I am glad she was able to prove him wrong. there is just something wrong about watching fireworks and not getting to hear or feel the booms!!!

I love Independence day! It is one of my favorite holidays!!!

3 months!

I have been a mother for 3 whole months now! Craziness!!

Little tipsy!

Oh mom... do I have to take more pictures?
Yes. Yes you do.
Oh, hello!

Fallin' down here mom! Are we done yet?

Why, yes, I would like to discuss the ramifications of...

She is such a big girl! No stats, since she doesn't see the Ped. this month, but I got on the scale with her and then without her and I think she weighs about 13 lbs now. No, I will not tell you how much I weighed when I got on the scale without her. That is none of your business!

Also, this is how she sleeps in our bed, is it any wonder that I prefer her to sleep in her own bed? and she tends to roll to my side. Only my side. Not Kyle's. Stinker.

And this is our new dinner seating arrangement, it works very well for us, thank you.