Sunday, June 29, 2008

Who doesn't love a good giveaway?

I know I love winning stuff, or at least trying... :0)

Lindsay featured Tip Junkie on her blog (and was featured bythem)and apparently they are having a big "we are a year old" party by giving stuff away!! woohoo!! Go check them out... it starts tomorrow June 30th

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


A young man that Kyle's family knows had a diving accident at a camp and is in the hospital with severe injuries. Please be in prayer for Connor Williamson and his family as they are going through this difficult time

Monday, June 23, 2008

Has it really been a year...

...Since we said those vows?

He wasn't in any kind of hurry or anything... :0)

First dance to Steven Curtis Chapman's "I will be there"

Our first Christmas of many to come.

Is it any wonder why I love this man?
I mean, he's so cute!!!!

and studly...

and very obliging...

Thanks for making me laugh.
For putting up with my stupid personality quirks.
For letting me warm my cold feet on you in the winter when we get in bed.
For thinking every meal I cook is wonderful, even when I am not so sure.
For how you look at me with that look in your eyes and just say, "I love you."

I love you so much!
The 5 years that we have been a couple have been 5 years of great change, but you have been constant through it all.

Thanks for a great year of learning about each other and how to love each other better.

Let's have 90+ more!!!!

I love you Babe.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


A little bit of tweaking, a little bit of hand stitching and I am done!!!


I really do feel so accomplished. I do after every project I finish though... :0)

It's not perfect, but it's mine and I am incredibly proud! :0)

Now, assuming I remember to wear it, I won't get as burnt!

Mildly terrifying....

Kyle and I are going on vacation soon. We will be out in the sun a bunch and I really don't have a hat.

I hate how baseball caps look on me, visors are fine, but not ball caps, don't ask, I don't know why...
I also have a rather large skull, so just going out and buying a hat from the store doesn't work, they are always too tight.
So what do I do?

I decide to make one.

The girl who has never sewn from a pattern (much to my mother's dismay and not from her lack of trying) is going to buy a pattern and sew a hat...

Hence the title of this blog...

I decided to make this hat

With this fabric...

Can I just say, I think I have fallen in love with Amy Butler stuff, it is soooooo cute!!!!

I stayed up until one last night sewing. It was actually pretty easy! There are still a few things left to tweak, and I don't have pictures yet, but when I do I will post them!!! It's a pretty darn cute hat if I do say so.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Touch them all

Get your tissues out...

It runs about 6 minutes.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008



That was rude and uncalled for. I have lost weight. 5 pounds. The rest is coming off a lot slower. I also don't usually respond to anonymous comments, I would rather know who is commenting on my blog. For you to insult me like that, and not even have the guts to let me know who you are is pathetic. She did not request that I respond to her message, just if I had tips or pointers to let her know. I don't, so I didn't. You took it too far.

Carrie, irritably.


I didn't respond to you because I don't have any points or tips. I am as new to this as you are. I wish I had tips to give you and encourage you. I wish you luck on your journey with South Beach and weight loss. Congratulation on losing 9 pounds already! Even if South Beach doesn't take you the other 25 I hope that you find a plan and routine that works for you for life! I have faith in you and me that we will get to our goal weights, even if it's not exactly in the time frame we want it to be.

Carrie, encouragingly.