Monday, May 5, 2008


about my new ticker.... although, I am pretty sure it is pretty clear...

Kyle and I have been married for 10 months. In that 10 months I have gained 20 pounds. bleh.
Since I graduated from high school I have gained 40 pounds, give or take. I was a size 8 when I started college, and even when I went up to a 10, that was okay... 12, I can deal with it, not too hard to go back to a 10, 8 would be nice, but 10 is okay. But when I needed dress pants for work, and only the 14's fit... well. that was the final straw.

Now, I am not looking for pity, or comments.
I know that a size 14 really isn't that big and that many beautiful women are size 14.

I just don't want to be one of them.

I am 5'4", for my height I should weigh between 120 and 140-ish, according to all those experts out there.

My sister and I have both always carried our weight well. When we inform people how much we really weigh, or they try to guess, there is always surprise at the real number.

So, all that to say, I have started on the South Beach Diet. I have yet to actually read all the book, but I have been following the eating plan, and it seems to work... :0)

I know the Leonard's did South Beach for a while, and I am pretty sure I remember reading good results from them. It is one of the few "diets" that I haven't heard bad things about. I am not good at counting my calories, or points. I don't have the patience to read every label and convert nutrition facts to calories and calculate exactly how many calories I have eaten. I really don't want to write down everything I eat!! So I figured I would try it and see how it went. If I had too much trouble following the plan, didn't feel healthy, and/or I didn't see any results in the time frame they give (in two weeks you can lose 8-14 pounds, I lost 5) then I would go on to something else.

These last two weekends have been really hard, there has been so much going on at church and it all seems to revolve around food!!! My sister is coming to visit next weekend, that won't be too horrible, eating-wise, and the weekend after that is my cousin's wedding, but that is only one meal, so not too much of an issue.

South Beach is nice. I can eat all the approved proteins and veggies I want, and it is okay, if not required, to have snacks!! woo!! and that's just phase 1. In phase 2 I actually get to start adding carbs and starches back in!! :0) I feel full and satisfied, and it really isn't that much trouble to make the food. It takes a little longer, but it makes me slow down a bit. Breakfast is really the hardest meal of the day, because I can't just grab a bowl of cereal, but I jsut made these little mini quiche things that are in the recipe section and they freeze really well, so that will help on the days I am rushed. I am getting a bit tired of salads for lunch every day, but I keep trying to mix it up a bit so that it isn't the same old thing.

So, that is what is going on with that. Just thought I would let you all know, so you weren't wondering too much, and dying of suspense!!