Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Lisa Leonard is Amazing....

So, I really should have posted this earlier, like two weeks ago when my sister was here... but, whatev... anyway. I wanted to post and show you all pictures of the amazing necklaces that Lisa made for me for my wedding and that I ordered for my sister's birthday. Also, the earrings that I just absolutely adore and that go perfectly with one of my dresses, two if I wear the right shirt under it!! :0) I need more money in my slush fund, Those new necklaces she has been making are too pretty!! with the little flowers, so delicate, and loverly....

This is for my wedding. Dove has the same significance as the title of my blog and the verse. 6.23.07 is our wedding aniversary!

Gorgeous gorgeous earrings!! LOVE!

Ordered this for my sister's birthday. She is my bestest friend! I love her to bits!!

Our gorgeous selves all gussied up for the wedding. I think I am gaining weight, my face seems to look heavier in pictures lately. boo....

The happy couple at I now announce Mr and Mrs... It was a beautiful wedding!!

I have more pictures to post, but I will do those tomorrow.

Oh yeah! I may have a job lined up!! Praise God, eleventh hour, but his perfect timing I know. I had a Screening today and they said people would be called for interviews probably starting tomorrow afternoon. I got a call three hours after I finished, saying they wanted to interview me! woohoo!! Keep it in prayer. The interview is Friday morning.

Thursday, August 16, 2007


This morning after I got up and made the bed, I went about my usual routine. I happened to go back into the bedroom and this is what I found...!

Apparently it wasn't time to get up?

Sunday, August 12, 2007


The colors aren't exactly right, I tried to get them close, but it's more of a guideline so I know what goes where. You can see the fabrics here.

Anyway, here are my patterns. What do you think?

Quilt #1

Quilt #2

The squares are 6"x6", and the quilts themselves are going to be 6'x7'. The border on #2 is 6" wide. I don't think I am going to do a border on #1, unless I find a fabric that is just right. I will also worry about the backing later... :0)

fixin's and trimings

Now that I have bought all my fabric, I put together some patterns that I want to do, and am ready to get started.

But I need to wash my fabrics....

And I neglected to note what the washing instructions were on each of the fabrics...


Any suggestions on how I should go about it? I am pretty sure that they are all cotton, or a blend thereof...

I was thinking cold water wash/tumble dry.

Do I wash them together, or do each fabric separate? There is about two yards of each fabric, standard folded in half, and I have 7 different fabrics....

I should have thought of this earlier.... grrr.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

This and that...

I have all of my graduation tassels hanging from my printer feed tray, I was looking at them the other day and realized that since I graduated from High School I have graduated every two years!
High School in 2002, Junior College in 2004, and Cal Poly (just barely, December Graduation) in 2006... I guess I am a high achiever??

My Family came out to visit last weekend, bringing with them my aunt Jill from MN, who wasn't able to make it out for the wedding, so she had to meet Kyle and "approve". :0)

It was foggy out in the bay, but nice and sunny in Avila...

My Aunt Jill. She didn't know I was taking this picture. She probably wouldn't approve... :0)

My Mom (Kim), Dad (Steve), and Aunt Jill

I have been popping into Beverly's Fabric every couple of weeks and looking in their 50% off bins and have found quite a few fabrics that I really like and that go together so that I can eventually make a quilt. I buy 2 yards of the fabrics I like, so I am sure to have plenty!! I have never done this before (made a quilt), so we will see how dedicated I stay and how it turns out... :0) Thought I would share the fabrics with you.

I actually have fabrics that don't go well together, so I will make two quilts eventually.... First colors

I Love the Little Bumble Bees on this one!!! and the color is fairly acurate.

This one looks very orange, it is actually a nice picnic blanket red and white.

The yellow is off a bit in this one, but you can see the checkered details.

Next Quilt fabrics...

Color is pretty accurate, a light pink, I have a lot of this, it was a hand-me down.

The color is off, it is a nice pink, with some white, with little red flowers.

A cute pink check, it was always off when I took the picture closer, so it is from a distance. Sorry.

A cute medium blue with pink, yellow, blue flowers.

I love this one!! it has little dragonflies all over it! it is actually a pair of pajama pants that I found and have wanted to use for while! the color seems pretty accurate.

So that's my fabric. Maybe I will actually make it into something... :0)

everybody goes, awwwww....

Okay, so, um, this could possibly be the cutest puppy that God has ever created... and I want it! so so so adorable!!!