Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Lisa Leonard is Amazing....

So, I really should have posted this earlier, like two weeks ago when my sister was here... but, whatev... anyway. I wanted to post and show you all pictures of the amazing necklaces that Lisa made for me for my wedding and that I ordered for my sister's birthday. Also, the earrings that I just absolutely adore and that go perfectly with one of my dresses, two if I wear the right shirt under it!! :0) I need more money in my slush fund, Those new necklaces she has been making are too pretty!! with the little flowers, so delicate, and loverly....

This is for my wedding. Dove has the same significance as the title of my blog and the verse. 6.23.07 is our wedding aniversary!

Gorgeous gorgeous earrings!! LOVE!

Ordered this for my sister's birthday. She is my bestest friend! I love her to bits!!

Our gorgeous selves all gussied up for the wedding. I think I am gaining weight, my face seems to look heavier in pictures lately. boo....

The happy couple at I now announce Mr and Mrs... It was a beautiful wedding!!

I have more pictures to post, but I will do those tomorrow.

Oh yeah! I may have a job lined up!! Praise God, eleventh hour, but his perfect timing I know. I had a Screening today and they said people would be called for interviews probably starting tomorrow afternoon. I got a call three hours after I finished, saying they wanted to interview me! woohoo!! Keep it in prayer. The interview is Friday morning.


Lisa Leonard said...

you both look beautiful! thanks for the sweet post! xoxo

Kristen Borland said...

finally a new post!;)

gorgeous is right! the necklaces too. :)

your sister looks really familiar!

what's the job? i already sent a prayer up for you!

Kristen Borland said...

oh yeah, and i gained weight after getting married too. the birth control pill!!! when i went off it i was finally able to lose weight. then i had kids, and well, things just aren't ever the same!