Thursday, May 21, 2009

Miracle Miles For Kids

Next Saturday, May 30, I will be participating in the Miracle Miles for Kids 10K Walk/Run (it will probably be more of a walk for me...) along with my good friend Cassie.

The Family Care Network of the Central Coast works to provide much needed services such as Therapeutic Foster Care; Family Support Services; Prevention and Early Intervention Services; Transitional Housing Services; and Community-Linked Services, the agency works in collaboration with the community to strengthen and preserve families and individuals.

All proceeds earned through pledges at the event will help support direct services that benefit the community's youth and families!

* $100 buys school supplies and clothing.
* $500 helps a youth join a sports team or purchase a musical instrument.
* $1,000 helps furnish an apartment for an older teen about to transition from foster care to adult independence.

I have never participated before but I am so excited to do it this year! If you want to support me and help raise money for this organization and cause, you can go here it is my personal pledge page. I am trying to earn $100. Thanks so much!

and if you think about it, you might want to pray for me the day of the race that I don't die!! ^_^

Monday, May 18, 2009


I just got a call from the National Marrow Donor program. I signed up when I was 18 at my community college, they were having a donor drive and it was about 6 months after 9/11 and I was trying to do all I could for my country. I haven't heard anything from them since... but apparently I am a potential match for someone! This is all kind of sudden, exciting and scary all at the same time. I give blood all the time, just about as often as I am eligible, but marrow is just so much more daunting, they stick big needles in you for that one!!! Maybe my nurse-y friends can soothe my rattled nerves? Emily? Lindsey? is it as bad as I am making it out to be?

I won't know for 1-2 months if I am an exact match, so there is definitely time to get calm about this, and it may be that I am not a good match for this person anyway...

Wow. I never really thought that they would call me. But if I can help, I am glad to do it. This is one of those things where I feel that if you are eligible to do it, you should be signed up and doing all you can, ie. donating blood every 8 weeks... That's just my personal stance on it, although I understand if you are terrified of needles.... that would just suck! (haha! vampire pun!!! sorry. I will stop now.) *stepping off of my soapbox now*

Pray for this person that they will find a match, and that I might be a match for them, and if I am that it would all go smoothly.

This post just brought back to mind one of my favorite Rascal Flatts songs, Skin (sarabeth). Makes me cry just about anytime I hear it!!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Rebecca's Shop

One of my dear friend's sister (who is becoming a dear friend as well) has a sweet blog called Traveling Light that is so sweet with pictures of her and her husband and families. Her name is Rebecca and she has just started her own little Etsy shop called Rebecca's Shop where she is selling sweet pendants, frames, magnets and notepads.
The reason I am telling you this is because she is having a giveaway right now where you can win a necklace and a frame in honor of SUMMER!!! coming! So go! Now! check out her blog and store follow the directions and maybe you could win (but I hope I do...)