Tuesday, July 31, 2007


For the last two days I haven't been able to access Yahoo! I only use it for my email, and it's my junk email account at that, but if I don't check it at least daily it becomes a massive chore to wade through all the stuff I get to make sure there isn't actually something in there I want to read! Kyle says he can access it at work, so I think it might just be our internet connection, but everything else is connecting just fine...

I am so excited for tomorrow night's Grace Summer Nights! I love talent shows so much!! I thought about entering, but didn't know what I would do. I have a staple that I do for talent shows, it is a hula dance to Shout to the Lord, but a friend and I got into trouble once for performing it at a bible study talent night (it was too suggestive because of the hip movements. They really aren't that bad I don't think) and it has been performed at my parent's church on Sunday morning with no issue, but they are a little more... relaxed? than Grace is, and I just wasn't sure how it would go over.... I also didn't think I had enough time to prepare something to sing, or find a monologue that I could memorize fast enough. So, long story short, I will be sitting in the audience, laughing, crying, and enjoying it a lot!

My parents, brother and aunt, from MN, are coming out this weekend! Just for a day, but it will be great to see them, especially my aunt Jill, I haven't seen her in a couple years!! Will take pictures and post them (hopefully)!

My sister is coming out in 3 weeks!!!! yay for sister time!!! she is my best friend and I love her to pieces!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Wedding pics Part 1

As promised.....

The Church

We get very emotional in my family... Me and My sister Abby

Waiting to go into the church

The wedding party

Showin' off the garter!

Wedding Pics Part 2

New siblings

It was breezy, so we just let the veil do it's thing...

I have a very big family now!

My sister, me, and my tan sister...

They are "serious" about being brothers!

Wedding Pics Part 3


Kyle got a break from pictures for a bit and hung out with my Daddy

Just me... odd face, because the photographer was still giving me instructions

First dance. Sadly I don't have pics of the Father Daughter Dance yet... :0(

Run away!!!! They had filled the car with balloons and covered it with streamers and written on the windows, and then they pelted us with silly string!!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Mrs. Haughey

So, as of today I am officially and legally Mrs. Carrie Haughey.

1 hour at social security, mostly spent waiting
1 hour at the DMV, 40 mins. sitting and waiting, 10 talking to the clerk, and another 10 waiting in line to get my picture taken.
1/2 hour at the bank getting all those accounts changed.

The only thing I wish I had had was a book to help pass the time. People watching isn't as fun when they are all sitting too...

Wedding pictures will be coming soon. I personally don't have any right now. My mother has a few, but I need to get those from her and once I do, they will go up. The professional ones won't be ready for about a month... :0( those will go up too, once we get them.