Monday, July 5, 2010

3 months!

I have been a mother for 3 whole months now! Craziness!!

Little tipsy!

Oh mom... do I have to take more pictures?
Yes. Yes you do.
Oh, hello!

Fallin' down here mom! Are we done yet?

Why, yes, I would like to discuss the ramifications of...

She is such a big girl! No stats, since she doesn't see the Ped. this month, but I got on the scale with her and then without her and I think she weighs about 13 lbs now. No, I will not tell you how much I weighed when I got on the scale without her. That is none of your business!

Also, this is how she sleeps in our bed, is it any wonder that I prefer her to sleep in her own bed? and she tends to roll to my side. Only my side. Not Kyle's. Stinker.

And this is our new dinner seating arrangement, it works very well for us, thank you.

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