Tuesday, January 12, 2010

SLO bound!!!

Going to be in SLO next week!!!! Kyle has been asked to work the job fair at CP again for Apple and so we are headed down for a whirlwind trip! We will leave here Wednesday after work and be there until Thursday Afternoon sometime! I would love to see any and all of you if I can! I will be free all Thursday AM while Kyle is recruiting his heart out! I know a lot of you will probably be at Bible study at Grace, but maybe I can sit in the back or something, or you could ditch with me and we could go on a great adventure to Avila or somewhere! Don't worry, Jesus will still love you! ^_^ If you are free or want to hang out, let me know!!!! I am so stoked! eeee! I have missed you SLO-town!

PS. we had a scare there for a minute! I check the calendar after Kyle had agreed to everything, and I am all pumped to go, and lo and behold there is my OB appointment staring me in the face! On Thursday AM!!! NOOOOOOOO! one quick call later and we are rescheduled and set to go! yippee!

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