Friday, April 30, 2010

One month!

okay, so technically she is 5.5 weeks now, but I have been busy!!!

This is Bea, the Bear. She was given to me by my Grammy. Evelyn's middle name of Beatrice is in honor of her, I thought it was only fitting to use Bea as the Growing Toy...

Evelyn's One Month Stats

10lbs 8oz,
90th percentile (whatever that means... all I know is she's healthy and growing and that's good enough for me!)

21.5 in,
50th percentile (not too surprised here, have you seen us? we are a short people in this family!)

We had Evelyn dedicated at church last Sunday.
It was kind of exciting because it was our pastor's first baby dedication! He also got to dedicate his brother's youngest daughter who is just over a year old. Having both Kyle and my families there doubled our normal congregation size, woohoo!! yay for church planting!!