Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Quilt help

Hi my friends!

For those of you who have made quilts for your littles, or just in general, do you have any tip, hints, ideas, or links for pretty quilts that are easy-ish to make?

I want to make a quilt for Baby Girl but am not sure where to start.

Do you have a particular pattern that you just love?

Note: I have only ever done a basic patch block quilt and I never fully finished it, no binding, backing or anything, just the top.

I don't know if I want to do a twin size or crib size yet... or something else.


Jacquelyn said...

Since you can't use a quilt to wrap a baby in you might want to make a "tummy time" blanket. For Eliannah I made a simple quilt with regular squares but in the middle I swapped 4 of the squares for a large appliqued panel. I made a picture of SunBonnet Sue dragging a blanket through the mud. It was super easy. If you are making a tummy time blanket just make it a bit thicker than usual and use fabrics with fun textures (FYI you can't use a cotton fabric like a corduroy with a man made fabric like minkey). Good luck! (google "bad Sunbonnet Sue sometime, it's funny!)

Jeannett said...

i know nothing about making quilts, but i do know that my kids have gotten some...i would suggest making a twin size...they don't use blankets as babies anyway so i always felt bad that they didn't get a whole lot of use considering how much work went into it.

Kate said...

if you click on this link: then you can see a whole bunch of ideas and you can click on each of them below the photo. my favorite (and its super easy) is the 9 patch. i think i might do that one next!... good luck!