Saturday, March 6, 2010

Goings on...

My birthday was on Friday, Kyle was sweet and planned a little surprise family party for me... Chinese food, birthday cake, 3 kinds of ice cream, presents and family! a good night!

Today Kyle went to the grocery store and came back with the groceries and GIRL SCOUT COOKIES! I love me some Caramel Delights!

Still nothing from Baby Girl. She is hanging out and not looking like she is coming out anytime soon. Don't know if the Castor Oil is doing anything yet, hopefully it has, we see the doctor on Monday again, I hope it's good news! I have been doing "research" online for ideas on how to start labor. So, I have been periodically bouncing on my yoga ball, since I can't go curb walking or jumping on trampolines like Kate did. I also had Kyle pick up some Pineapple, (Mango was expensive and there were no Kiwis) they are supposed to help start labor. I will probably have him go to Jamba Juice tomorrow and get me a Mega Mango smoothie, it has Mango and Pineapple Juice... Tried having spicy food yesterday for lunch, but spice just gives me heartburn now (which is a bummer since I like spicy!) Planning to ask the doctor about Red Raspberry Leaf tea, it's supposed to help start things too. I know we are only at 38.5 weeks but I am so ready to be off of bed rest and for this baby to be born! I am hoping for early next week... *sigh* patience is not a very strong virtue in me.

Oh! I got my diapers this week too! I found them for about 2 dollars cheaper than anywhere else I had seen from an store. We had wanted to get all white ones, but these came in a "gender neutral" color pack so we have a few different colors, some I wouldn't have picked as "gender neutral" but diapers are diapers and I am glad we have them before Baby Girl gets here!

Off to finish watching The Sound of Music with the Sing-Along setting turned on!! and maybe to eat half of my box of Caramel Delights!! with a Pineapple chaser... ^_^


Kate said...

hey! are we gonna get any belly pics before she comes?? hang in there, you're almost done! :)

Kristen Borland said...

my doc had me on raspberry leaf tea to stop me from going into labor because i had irritable uterus (lots of contractions the whole pregnancy). i don't know if it pushes people into labor (i've only heard from one person that it does), but it did stop my irritable uterus completely. the idea is it actually strengthens the muscles around the uterus and pelvis, so even if it doesn't start labor for you, strengthening those muscles will help you during labor, so it's still a good one to try. and make sure it says "leaf".

Jeannett said...

you won! email me jeannett_gibson [at] yahoo [dot] com with your address! woop woop!