Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ramblin' (wo)man

So tired.

These have been messing up my schedule and I haven't been going to bed until 12:30 or later every night... despite the fact that they are in my time zone they insist on delaying everything 3 hours anyway... blah.

The hospital bag is mostly packed, except for the last minute stuff...
This is not our bag, but isn't it cute!? I wish it was our hospital bag!!!

Had bible study last night. Forgot to ask someone to bring snack, so I whipped up a box cake mix really quick, so I wouldn't be on my feet too long. We didn't have any canned frosting, so I searched online and found this super easy and tasty!!!! recipe for chocolate frosting, the cake was Yellow cake, and I ::heart:: yellow cake with thick chocolate frosting!!!!!
Also, we are now at 37 weeks, 3 more to go!! we have an ultrasound tomorrow, I guess to see what position Baby Girl is in, although I am pretty sure she hasn't dropped yet... she is still pretty wiggly in there.

Getting a little stir crazy lately, there is just sooo much to do, and I know I could do it and do it pretty quickly, but I know I shouldn't be up... gah!

I have turned my nesting towards online shopping...not much, but some cute stuff, like a giant flower headband to put on Baby Girl, hopefully for her first portraits, I love the pictures of little baby girls in just a giant flower headband and a diaper, oh the cuteness!!!!!

I have also been entering a lot of giveaways... to my FB friends and Twitter friends, I apologize for the non relevant tweets and updates that are "Required" to enter these things... but there is just sooooo much fun/pretty/shiny stuff to win! and I want to win it! and I really don't have much else to do all day, I hang out on the couch with the laptop open beside me with FB and Twitter open waiting for new updates... a little pathetic... but I do other things besides wait for new updates, I read, I watch the Olympics, I get some visitors! and I think about all the stuff I could be getting done right now... ^_^

Alright, figure skating should be starting soon, so I have to go now...

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Mama Mote said...

3 weeks? Oh, boy. Or should I say, Oh, GIRL!!! How exciting! Looking forward to meeting little girl Haughey. I love yellow cake and chocolate frosting, too. My mom used to make it all the time. hugs