Thursday, February 25, 2010


Had our (presumably) last ultrasound this evening.

The latest stats on Baby girl

She is head down, settled right in on top of my bladder (honest, we saw her head and my bladder making contact!) Thankfully I am laying down all day long, so I don't really feel the pressure of it!

According to the calculations that they do she is weighing in at about 7.75lbs!!!! I am a little freaked out by that! she is getting so big already and we still have 3 weeks of growing to go! Besides that, we had an ultrasound right after I was put on bed rest (hang on, let me check... about a month ago) and she was weighing only 5.5lbs. Okay, never mind. Put into perspective like that she hasn't grown that much, but it still seems like a lot!

The ultrasound tech also showed us where her HAIR!!!! was showing up on the scan! yay! this makes me really happy, because my sister and I were baldies (ultra short, ultra blonde) until about 18 months, my brother not as much, but his hair was darker so it showed up better. Kyle had hair when he was born, so it looks like she got that from her daddy!

BP's are still looking good at home. We see the doctor on Monday (she has been out of the country for about 2.5 weeks, she's from India and her mom was having surgery), we have been seeing the midwife that practices with her, but it will be nice to see what the doctor thinks about everything since the midwife always defers to our doctor. I also feel more comfortable having the doctor back in town so that if anything happens during labor she will be the one to come in, even if the midwife is the one on call, and not some random doctor that I haven't ever met and doesn't know me from Eve.

That's all I got for now. PS. Figure skating wasn't on last night (so I got to go to bed early!!!) but it is on tonight, so that's what I will be doing...

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Kristen Borland said...

i wouldn't be too worried about the weight of the baby. sometimes even with ultrasounds and doctors' best guesses, they are wrong. but more than that, God made your body to carry your particular baby, so it's all good. :)

i just can't wait to hear you say, "i'm off bedrest!!" what a fun day that will be!!! or just have the baby. that would be good too. :)