Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I *heart* the IRS


I just spent a good 45 minutes attempting to properly fill out my state tax forms, only to discover that I would only get .70 back. It's going to take them more than half that just to send it to me.... and now I have a headache and a stiff neck and am not even going to send it in. My federal taxes were so much easier to do...

Went to watch Hayward's softball team play tonight, they have been bugging me to come since I started working there a month ago. They really aren't very good, I felt kind of bad for them. We got beat 32-6... Kyle says they need to be more flexible and bend down from the knees to chase the balls. I just think they need to get better and learn how to catch balls and chase them better and faster. But he is the one that actually can play, so I would go with his analysis.

Just got the proofs for our engagement photos! They turned out really nice, very elegant looking. We get 15 free with the package, there are about 80 to pick from, and I like about 70 or them... it's going to be hard. We are letting our parents pick some of those out, because, well, I figure they are going to get some of them, so they should have some say in what they get. My mom liked one of my graduation poses (from high school) better than I did, so we got those as well, because that is what she wanted hanging in her house. Same concept I guess.


Brianna Heldt said...

You'll have to post some of your engagement pictures, how fun!

(Lucky me, the husband does our taxes--which were intense this year b/c of the adoption.)

Kristen Borland said...

Yes, if it's okay with the photographer, it'd love it if you'd post pictures!! how fun!! i know, i totally loved our engagement pics too. they were so fun, and we were so excited and so happy in all of them!

yucky taxes. mike does ours, which is so nice, and he uses a computer program to do it, which i guess makes it much easier.

keep blogging. i think you're doing great!

oh, and i looked up the reference verse for your title "little dove", and i think that's sooooo sweet! don't you just love song of solomon?!

can i link you on my blog?

Carrie Borsgard said...

If I can I will, I really want you all to see them! It may have to wait until we actually get them.... I may post the link, but it is password protected, and I don't want the world to have access, unless i can find a way to lock the post.

Kristen, yes, go ahead and link me! I got your letter yesterday, I will totally be praying for you guys!