Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Have you heard?





Yup, we (more specifically, me) are pregnant with number 2! and no, it's not twins, the doctor only saw one baby in there!

We are calling the baby, Baby Dos, also known as Dosie.

We found out about two weeks before Christmas, told all our families on Christmas and spilled the news to everyone else on the 26th!

This was Evelyn's Christmas outfit. I had to make the shirt since you can't find "big sister" shirts in 6-9 month size!

We thought we were about two months along, 8-10 weeks-ish. Had our first ultrasound yesterday. Um. Nope.

16 WEEKS!!!

Yikes! Where did the whole first trimester go?!

Apparently I have fairly easy pregnancies, since, you know, I couldn't even tell until I was 3 months in! ^_^

Let's see, Questions you might want answered:
  • Yes, Evelyn is only 9 months old
  • The babies will be about 15 months apart
  • Yes, this is sooner than we were planning
  • Yes, Dosie is a big (but welcome!) surprise
  • I had only had one period and so didn't realize that I had gotten pregnant because I assumed that one was just a fluke, since I was still nursing, and there were no other periods for me to "miss"
  • Yes, we got pregnant pretty much immediately after that period, which is why I didn't have anymore. Oooooh! that all makes sense now! oops.
  • Yes, I am aware you can get pregnant while nursing, everything I had read though told me we were still in the "safe zone" but we still used protection 95% of the time...
  • That 5% will get you every time!
  • That's how we got Evelyn too! haha!
  • No, I am not nursing Evelyn anymore, my milk had started drying up before we got pregnant and wasn't coming back, and the (unknown then) pregnancy probably contributed to that
  • We will find out the gender in about 3 weeks
  • Yes, we will share the Gender
  • No, we will not share the name
  • Yes, we already have names picked out
  • Due date is June 18
I think that's it. If you have anymore questions, leave them in the comments and I might answer them... :)


Priscilla said...

Praying that you do NOT have to be on bed rest with this little one!!

Kristen Borland said...

yay! yay! YAY!!!

so excited for you!!! (and, um, how awesome to be so far along already! woohoo!) since our boys are a day shy of 13 months apart, i thought i'd share some tips for you (since i am sure you will get so many comments that will make your head explode):

1. it's WONDERFUL. don't let anyone tell you different.
2. you are, in fact, NOT crazy. don't let anyone tell you different.
3. they will be like twins, and not like twins, and it will be so great. don't let anyone tell you different.
4. people will say "wow, you have your hands full", and of course you do, and it's AMAZING. don't
let anyone tell you different.
5. you might be told you won't leave the house for the first year, so leave the house on day 3. you can do it. i promise. and it will be worth it.
6. having two babies at once is awesome. don't let anyone tell you different.
7. again, you are not crazy. don't let anyone tell you different.
8. when they hit 2 and 3 you might think, "oh my goodness", but it will be fine. i promise. don't let anyone tell you different.
9. it is, in fact, a wonderful thing for evelyn. don't let anyone tell you different.
10. they will be best friends. (you will be blessed and amazed by this.) don't let anyone tell you different.
11. your family is so perfect the way God made it, no mistakes there. don't let anyone tell you different.

congratulations to all of you!

NerdMom said...

Congrats!!!!! I am with Kristen, this is wonderful not matter what anyone says. And ppl will say stuff. Ignore them!

The toddler years are a little crazy no matter how many you have and how far apart they are. You are just getting them over sooner;). The kids will be besties regardless of sex! I know, I have boy, girl, boy, girl and they are all closest to the ones closest;).

And what a blessing you had such an easy 1st trimester!

ckobra17 said...

Congrats, sounds like a surpise, but a welcomed one. Let us know if you need anything.

Joanie said...

Congratulations! Yay!

Brianna Heldt said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Yay! I second all of Kristen Borland's tips. (She is very wise!) Having children close in age is an INCREDIBLE blessing, both for them AND for you. Hooray!

Katie Lady said...

Congrats! When people say, "my aren't your hands full?" You can smile sweetly and reply: "yes they are--and so is my heart!"

Enjoy these days...

Katie said...

Hey girl! I just found your blog! And what do I come upon when I find it? Number 2!! Congrats! How exciting!

Clicking the "follow" button now :)