Thursday, November 11, 2010

Photo Challenge Day 3

Linking up with Jenny and the 30 Day Photo Challenge to post a bunch of pictures!

Day 3

Post a picture that makes you Happy!

*sigh* Sorry for all the baby pictures, but truly, that is what my life is right now, and without these two in my life I would not have had a Mother's Day this year.

This picture was taken at the Monterey Bay Aquarium on Mother's Day 2010, it was all I really wanted to do, go to the aquarium and go eat at Vivollo's in Pacific Grove for Clam Chowder, with a toasted Garlic Cheese Lid, delish!

It was a wonderful day, minus the poopy diaper moments after I had changed her into the last diaper we had with us, and the smallest size the nearby grocery store had was size 3! for my 1.5 month old, yeah, that's gonna fit... eh, we made it work and still have them, waiting for her to get big enough so we can actually use them :)

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jenny said...

Glad you have you link up! I wish I knew how to add that "link-up" list at the bottom of my posts...