Wednesday, November 25, 2009

6 months

I am 6 months pregnant today!


It is such a crazy feeling! To know that I have a little baby growing inside of me, and that in 3 months (give or take) she will be here and in my arms!
I know I haven't posted any belly pictures yet, that's because I don't have any! I am planning on taking some this weekend and will hopefully be able to show you my growing belly after that.
Oh! I started feeling her move this last week! That's crazy too! All of a sudden a little touch here, a bump there... Really surreal!

The nursery is starting to come together a bit. We really don't have much yet, but we have cleaned out all of the "extra" stuff that doesn't need to be in there and so that helps. I have also started arranging the furniture that we do have so that it is positioned where I want it. I got the Borsgard cradle from my mom, the one that my siblings and I all slept in when we were first born, and set it up in the nursery. Right now it is where I think the crib will go, when the baby is born the cradle will go in our room, but for now it can be a place holder. ^_^ Besides, it really makes the room look more like a nursery than a spare room!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving my friends and I will hopefully update you again before too long!

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