Friday, August 7, 2009

Sew sew

I really really need want a new sewing machine. I can't really spend more than $200. I am looking for something that is simple to operate and adjust. I know how to sew and can do complicated things, but don't really do anything more complicated than simple garments and hemming and a little bit of quilt piecing. I want it to sew well and smooth (which probably just about any new machine will) and not need a lot of attention. Something that will last me for quite a few years... currently I have a hand-me-down Brother that's okay, but I have never learned really how to adjust it right... I am thinking of switching to a Singer, but really have no clue how to tell what is good or not. Any help is appreciated!


Mama Mote said...

Seems to me that someone recently bought a new sewing machine - Lindsey Cheney? Not positive, but someone had to get a new machine. So, how is your new home? How's Kyle's job? Lori called with a problem about the duplicator (the one we do envelopes) and I thought of you, realizing YOU weren't there to help out. Funny. Still missing the office and you.

Jason and Anna said...

Hey! So, as a wedding present I got a Singer sewing machine. There are a few different models. There is the really basic one that´s like $100 and then there is the next step up that´s like $150 I think. I loved using it (though it´s all packed up). It´s super easy and reasonably priced. You can get them at Sears in SLO. Is it still in business? haha

Jason and Anna said...

Oh, I have the middle model...that´s like $150. Do you even live in SLO anymore. I think not. sorry. You can get them anywhere a sewing machine is sold Target! :)